• Leslie: I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr Wright and this practice. I am terrified of the dentist and had an awful experience at another practice. Today I was seen by Dr Wright and found 3 small cavities….given my prior experiences I was terrified to say the least. She walked me through all possible ways to best meet my needs and was so encouraging and calming I decided to just let her go ahead with the work. This may sound ridiculous to some, but I cried tears of actual joy and relief when I left her office. She was so calming, never rushed me, educated, and encouraged me and truly changed my complete outlook. I will not be going anywhere else again. I am so thankful for this practice and each of their staff!!!
  • Sheila: I have had crowns in the past with my former dentist, and have no complaints about the process or my care there in general over many years, in fact was quite pleased with it and really enjoyed the people. But since moving my care to Fall Creek Dentistry after moving to Indy, my care has risen to a higher level. That was never more obvious than with this procedure, where everything was completed in one visit and I was just so impressed, comfy and pleased with things from start to finish. Comfort, communication, expertise, caring..yes, all the Cs! All this new technology costs $$ but the cost seems in line as well. Thank you, Drs. Greenaway, Wright, and all the staff..I enjoy and appreciate each and every one of you.
  • Liz: Every time I’ve been to this office, we are greeted with smiles and familiar faces. They make sure you are comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Any procedure I’ve had done, they’ve stood by their work and again made sure I was taken care of. Another side note for moms with young kids: everyone is so helpful in making sure my son is happy when I’m laying in the chair and a little preoccupied.
  • Nikki: Our daughter had a resin fall out and the office manager got her in that same day. They did amazing job with her and walked her through the appointment the whole entire time showing and explaining every step with her. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to have a wonderful experience.
  • Danielle: I had a piece of filling come out and they got me in the same day, and did my cleaning while I was there. They go out of their way to accommodate and are always friendly and professional. I drive an hour to go to them, they are that good!
  • Melissa: This place is awesome! The staff is friendly and professional, we are always in and out in no time, and they are always so good with my daughter (she started coming when she was 3).
  • Mindy: Everyone is so nice at Fall Creek Dentistry. They make going to the dentist an easy trip!
  • Reagan: Great staff! The entire staff were helpful and print at addressing my dental issues. Would gladly recommend to anyone looking for dental work. Excellent experience at Fall Creek Dentistry!

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