March 03rd, 2017
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It’s a safe bet that everyone knows they should brush their teeth twice a day. It’s also likely that nearly everyone knows they should see their dentist twice a year, whether they actually do it or not. We thought we would offer our patients and neighbors in the Fishers, Indiana area a few other important guidelines on the right way to care for your teeth every day.

  1. Did you know that you should be brushing your teeth for a full two minutes? Try setting a timer to learn how long this is. Most people actually brush their teeth for around 45 seconds. Use a soft brush and move it in gentle circles and replace your brush when it starts to show signs of wear or after you have been ill.
  2. Be sure to floss every single day. Some dental experts say that flossing is nearly half the job of keeping teeth clean and healthy each day. Pull the floss around each tooth until it forms the shape of a C, then move it up and down the tooth at least three times. Change the section of floss that is in contact with your teeth as you move through the mouth.
  3. Avoid eating very cold foods and very hot ones at the same time. For example, a piping hot pizza mingled with icy sodas could cause your teeth to crack. Let the pizza cool slightly and maybe ask for less ice in your drink so it is not quite so cold.
  4. DO NOT use your teeth as tools! And don’t make a habit of chewing ice. These practices can cause chipped, crack and broken teeth and damaged dental work.
  5. If you notice that your mouth seems dry, give us a call. A dry mouth enables the bacteria in your mouth to proliferate and begin to attack your teeth and gums. We can help you solve this problem. Just call us.
  6. Of course, we recommend seeing your dentist at least twice year. Some people who have suffered gum disease should visit even more frequently. Once you see us, we can help you set a perfect schedule for maintenance of a beautiful smile and healthy mouth that can last your whole life.

If you’re in the Fishers, Indiana area, contact us so we can introduce you to our friendly, comfortable way of maintaining your oral health! Call us today.