Find Out How You Can Get Crowns in Just One Visit

November 06th, 2018

When you’re getting dentistry in Fishers, Indiana, you can find plenty of dentists who will provide you with a crown. But most of these dentists will take an impression one day and require you to come back one to two weeks later to have the crown placed. Did you realize that we can provide you with a bright, clean crown in just one visit? 

It’s true. The reason for this improvement is the CEREC system for creating crowns. Our in-office CEREC system allows us to digitally scan your tooth that needs a crown and then send this information to our computer system. The designing software in this system designs your crown and those specifications are sent to a milling machine that shapes a block of durable ceramic material into your new crown. In just minutes, your crown is ready to be placed. 

As well as being so much faster than older methods of creating crowns, the CEREC system is a more pleasant process for our patients. There’s no need to bite into a gooey mouthpiece to make an impression of your teeth and bite. And it’s our experience that the final crown is a much more accurate fit when we place it in your mouth.

Why the CEREC System Offers Greater Accuracy

This digital scanning method is much more accurate than the older system of taking an impression of your mouth. The adjustments needed for a CEREC crown are minimal because a digital scan is much more accurate than these molds. CEREC scans are accurate to a tenth of a millimeter. That’s about four one-thousandths of an inch! 

There’s another reason dental lab crowns are less accurate. As a crown is created in a dental lab in Fishers, it goes through a number of steps. First, your impression is used to make a hard model of the tooth to be crowned. Then wax is built upon the model and this wax is used to shape your new ceramic crown. With so many separate steps, a little bit of variance at each step can result in quite a lot of variance once your dentist gets a crown back from the lab. If there is too much variance, then the dentist has to send the crown back to the lab to be redone. The patient has to wear a temporary crown for another week or two. 

So you can see that speed is only one of the benefits of the CEREC system. 

The CEREC system was developed in the mid-1980s and to date, there have been more than 35 million crowns, onlays, inlays, and other restorations created. The current CEREC system makes things so much easier for our patients. We are pleased to offer CEREC same-day crowns at Fall Creek Dentistry. Please call us if you have any questions about this processor if you have been told you need a crown! Stephanie Wright, DDS, and Angela Greenaway, DDS have been using the CEREC for over 10 years and currently have the latest CEREC machine available.