How to Reverse Gum Disease: Is it Possible?

March 16th, 2018

Are you one of the 50% of U.S. adults who have some form of gum disease? If so, you understand the pain, embarrassment, and sensitivity it can cause.

If untreated, gum diseases can cause a number of health consequences and loss of teeth.

Luckily, though, gum diseases can be reversed. If you catch gingivitis in its early stages, you can likely reverse it yourself.

Keep reading to learn how to reverse gum disease and get back to smiling.

Deep Dental Cleaning

If you feel you have gum disease, you should consult your dentist before anything else. They will know best as to how to reverse gum disease for you.

Depending on how severe your gum disease is, you may need to get a deep cleaning. This will include scaling and root planning, which is when the dentist cleans under the gums.

Interdental Brushing and Water Flossing

Interdental brushes are small bushes that clean between the teeth at the gum line. They are more effective for clearing plaque than flossing and brushing alone.

Water flossing is an option that has been shown to reverse gingivitis significantly better than general flossing. Water flossing is done by using a Waterpik to clean hard to reach areas of the mouth such as between the teeth and close to the gums.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will help improve you're over overall health. This will also aid your bodies ability to fight infection and bacteria which cause gum disease.

Healthy foods, especially produce, are full of water. Water helps flush away bacteria and keep the mouth clean and healthy.

Whole foods are also often fibrous. This makes them courser and they act as a natural teeth exfoliator when eaten. Some good examples include nuts, like almonds, and broccoli.


Other prevention techniques that you should do to make sure your gum disease doesn't come back include brushing at least twice a day and flossing every day. Make sure you get a new toothbrush when the bristles start to fray. 

Seeing your dentist more frequently for cleanings is a must. If you skip appointments or extend the time between cleanings, your disease will most likely worsen and more destruction of tissue surrounding the teeth will take place. 

Another effective habit is to drink plenty of water each day. Keeping the mouth moist helps ensure bacteria doesn't stick to your teeth and gums.

Consult Your Dentist on How to Reverse Gum Disease

If you are experiencing gum disease symptoms, it is time to get an oral checkup.

Here at Fall Creek Dentistry, we specialize in reversing gum disease and damage. Dentist Near Me Fishers also educate our clients to ensure they too know how to reverse gum disease and keep it from coming back.

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