February 02nd, 2018
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Fortunately for those suffering from sleep apnea, science continues to study the effects of this problem. Now, more is know about the health conditions that can result from this problem that wakes sleepers up as many as a hundred times a night as they gasp for air. The more that’s known about the effects of this problem, the more sufferers may be inspired to seek remedies. At Fall Creek Dentistry, we can help many people improve their nighttime sleep by providing appliances that enable them to breathe more easily all night long.
Here’s some of the recent research on this subject.

Cognitive Disturbances in the Elderly

A Boston University School of Medicine researcher found that when person’s nighttime breathing is disordered, there is a higher rate of cognitive impairment. The researcher recommended that any doctors finding impairment in the elderly not simply chalk it up to old age, but investigate the person’s breathing. Remedying apnea can improve the quality of life for these individuals.

Apnea and Brain Development in Children

Only a small number of children suffer from sleep apnea, but those that do may have a harder time developing normally. Researchers found differences in the gray matter of the brain associated with movement, memory, emotions, speech, decision making and self-control. To make this determination, sixteen children with sleep apnea were compared to nine children of similar health, weight, gender and ethnicity. Parents noting their children having breathing problems would be very smart to bring their children to us as soon as possible.

Sleep Apnea Can be Causing Employers to Suffer as Much as Employees

Researchers at Brigham Health and Harvard Medical School have estimated the cost to employers when their employees lack sufficient sleep. A company of 1,000 employees could be losing $1.4 million per year because of the lower productivity of their employees when they are not well rested. It is very common for those with sleep disorders to suffer from daytime sleepiness which, of course, can impair a person’s performance on their job. If their sleep disorder is not diagnosed properly and corrected, they may incur higher healthcare costs and have more workplace accidents as well as simply being miserable from a lack of sleep.

Poor sleep can affect your health, your ability to think clearly and your ability to perform well on your job. If you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s time to get properly diagnosed and treated to improve this problem. Call us today at (317) 596-8000 and let’s get you some help.

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