July 17th, 2017

More of our patients are asking us about getting their teeth whitened these days so we thought we would take a few minutes and provide some information on this service.

When they ask us about whitening, many people ask if the coffee or wine they drink could be causing their teeth to get darker. We explain that this is only part of the reason. Not many people know that changes occurring inside their teeth as they age also cause teeth to become darker. If you think about elderly people you know, you might realize that their teeth are normally darker than those of younger people. It’s part of the aging process.

Think about the structure of your teeth – from the outside in, you have a hard enamel coating on the outside, then a hard, bony, colored layer called the dentin and finally, the live pulp with its nerve and blood supply. When you are young, pulp is at its thickest point. As you age, the pulp gradually gets thinner and dentin gets thicker and darker. Because enamel is relatively translucent, this darker dentin gives your teeth a darker appearance.

So tooth darkening is naturally associated with aging and may make some people feel like they are looking older. Whitening your teeth is a fast and simple way to help you look younger.


In our office, we offer the Zoom Teeth Whitening System. This is a fast procedure that can whiten your teeth as much as eight shades in just 45 minutes of treatment. We have found this system to achieve a satisfying patient result and be very safe. A few people may experience a little sensitivity afterwards but it normally does not last beyond 24 hours.

We also offer at-home treatments that can be used instead of the Zoom in-office system or as a follow-up to the in-office treatments.

Teeth whitening is a rewarding service to offer our patients because they love achieving a brighter, younger smile so quickly. If you have questions about any of our teeth whitening products or services, please call us and let us fill you in: (317) 596-8000.