We want all our patients to know that we may be able to help resolve certain sleep problems you might be experiencing. For those who don’t know what sleep apnea is, it’s when a person’s throat muscles relax during sleep, allowing the soft tissues supporting the airway to collapse and halt breathing.

A person suffering from sleep apnea will stop breathing for perhaps ten seconds or as long as a full minute. They’ll normally start breathing again with a gasp or snort. This happens as many as 100 times a night.

It’s hard on one’s sleeping mate, but it’s very hard on the individual who suffers from sleep apnea. The person who starts and stops breathing like this will usually wake up feeling tired. But that’s a minor problem compared to the serious complications that can result over time.


To get started on a solution, you will need a sleep study to analyze any problems occurring while you sleep. Your dentist will work with several practitioners in the area who offer sleep studies. Our patients who think they have a problem would have a sleep study done first and then come to us for further help.

During a sleep study, about two dozen sensors are placed all over the body to record a multitude of physical changes during sleep. Don’t worry, they are all designed to be as comfortable as possible! After all, a person has to be able to go to sleep with all these sensors on! An analysis of all these measurements will tell you if you have a severe, moderate, or mild case of apnea.

For severe cases, the doctor providing the study usually recommends a CPAP machine – this machine provides continuous air pressure to the person’s airway, keeping the breathing passages open all night.

For those with mild or moderate sleep apnea, your family dentist can create an oral appliance that keeps your airway open all night by maintaining the jaw in a forward position. It looks a little like a mouthguard worn during sports. Your dentist will customize this appliance to the exact shape of your mouth so you get the best results.

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